When The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Come Out


If you planted hope today in a hopeless heart, if you caused a laugh that chased some tears away, if someone’s burden was lightened today because you did your part, then your day was spent well.

30 thoughts on “When The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Come Out

    1. Sister, Caddo – That’s wonderful to hear! If it helped you, then I did my part today! All the glory, of course, goes to my man upstairs – God is so, so good. SO GOOD. Be well, my dear, and GOD BLESS!

      1. Yes, our Main Man, the God of All Glory–HE IS GOOD, and He’s faithful to bring to us what we need. I’m thankful that “church” is always just a click away! Prayers of gratitude for you, and that He’ll pour out His favor on you all week…and keep on pouring.

  1. Hi there! How have you been? Have you been a recipient of miracles doll face? How’s your daughter these days? Hopefully your Christmas & festive day were beautiful and unforgettable ! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Faithfully Debbie

    1. Hi, Debbie!! Thank you for your kind words. God is good and God is faithful, He continues to bless me more and more everyday. I put all my trust and faith in Him, and in Him alone!! Jesus is the driving force in my life. I hope you are doing well and that 2014 will be a wonderful year for you! Our God is an awesome God!!!

  2. I can relate to the receiving end of this as I was fortunate and blessed to have experienced this very thing from someone special very recently myself, on a level that took me by surprise. Our God is wonderful in all His mystery and beauty…if I do say so myself. 😉 Thank you for posting this.

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