Perfect Love


We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

17 thoughts on “Perfect Love

  1. I’ve always say and have thought this about how there is no perfect person out there but they are perfect for our hearts and what our heart desires and needs. Once a person realizes that the knight shining armor or princess is anyone not just literally something we force but anyone can be this person

  2. Erika, this post is so true and so apt. I have been blessed in my life by people who looked past my imperfections and loved me anyway. (of course, Jesus does this for all of us). In this way we learn to love perfectly. I cannot help but wonder what happens to people who do not have this blessing. I can only pray for them, that they may cross my path and I will have a chance to show Christ’s perfect love to them.
    This is probably very close to home for some of our blogging aquaintenances. Posts like this help them understand Christ’s love for us…and that is the best hope they have!

    1. Daryl, that is GREAT feedback and so true!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing you thoughts on this one with us – many folks reading this will benefit significantly from what you wrote. And the blessings just keep on coming! Thank you, my friend 🙂

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