Group Hug


Sometimes all you need is a hug.

18 thoughts on “Group Hug

  1. I am sort of that way. A reassuring hug can go a long way in making us feel more comfortable. That must be why God gave us each other and spoke through the Apostle Peter (I Peter 4:8; The Message) saying, “…love one another like your life depended on it.” That kind of fervent love must include hugging, don’t you think?

    1. I completely agree!!! Sorry for the late reply, my daughter has been in the hospital. RIGHT after I posted this, I got the call – I’ve been there with her ever since. She cliff dived off a 65 foot cliff. Fractured her spine in three places. THANK GOD no damage to her spinal cord!!!! It’s been a rough few days, the hugs are much appreciated. One thing after another, I tell ya ..

  2. Sweetie ~ you’re both in the safest place ~ in the Lord’s palm… Doubt not, fear not, he has everything wisely set up for our spiritual progression ~ You’re in my prayers doll. xoxo

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